Sunday, July 26, 2009

15 Recipes to Make You Die

If you want to eat healthy and lose weight, it is very important to consider the ingredients of a recipe along with ‘how delicious it sounds’. Case in point, an article entitled ‘15 Recipes to Make Before You Die’ could actually move you closer to death. The subtitle ‘classics that you should know how to make if you consider yourself an accomplished cook’ misleads people into thinking that ‘delicious’ food is all that is important to a talented chef. Let’s take a look at what they recommend.

The list begins with simple White Bread, a choice that could be much healthier if multi-grain flour were used instead of starched white flour. Not only is the digestive roughage better from multi-grain bread; there is also more nutrition.
The Beef Tenderloin sounds delicious, however it would be wise to reduce red meat intake since this is the most difficult meat to digest. Fish, turkey or chicken are much healthier choices for your family. The recipe for Pork Crown Roast has lots of fat and sugar. Even the Beef Tenderloin is healthier. Fried Chicken? Anyone on a diet knows to skip this one. They don’t even bother to list the nutritional information with this recipe.

The recipe for Roux opens with ‘The key to great gumbo is the roux–a mixture of flour and fat that is slowly cooked over low heat.’ My arteries harden just reading about it. Next, the recipe for Pasta and Cream Sauce takes low nutrition white pasta (which quickly converts to sugar) and adds fattening cream. While the peas and chives are good for you, this dish contains 45% fat. The recipe ‘Roast Turkey and Gravy’, takes one of the healthiest meats (turkey is second only to fish) and adds ‘fat sauce’. Serve this to help your children grow a few sizes. Why not add some biscuits covered with gravy as well?

Half of the ’15 classic recipes’ are for fattening desserts. While the sugar fix provided by these recipes may result in acclamation, these desserts are really bad for anyone concerned about health and weight.

The recipe for Coconut Cream Meringue Pie contains loads of sugar and cornstarch added to pastry. Feed this to your children to make them fat; they will love you for it. Of course the coconut is good for you, everything else is questionable. While Crème Brule may get ‘oohs and ahhs’ from your dinner guests, you may want to think twice about providing this high-cholesterol and high-calorie treat. Whipped cream, sugar and eggs? Not for anyone concerned about their weight or diet.

Creamy Chocolate Fudge? Start with four cups of sugar, then add whipped cream, butter, corn syrup and chocolate? Actually, the dark chocolate is good for you; skip the rest to serve a healthy treat. The Classic Cream Puffs contain loads of calories, more than half from fat. Even skinny people should cut back on these ‘treats’. The Classic Cheese Soufflé is high in calories, with 70% from fat, while the Chocolate Layer Cake contains butter, sugar, eggs and white flour. Say no more. Finally, there is a recipe for Chocolate Pudding; these people love recipes with eggs, sugar and whipping cream. If you want to kill someone without facing murder charges, start feeding them everything on this list.

The fifteenth recipe, for Chicken Noodle Soup finally suggests food that is more nutritious than damaging. This is the only recipe out of fifteen that you could actually feel comfortable feeding to your children. So put some thought into what you make for yourself, your children and your guests. Instead of providing sugar, fat and cholesterol, feed them food that is good for them and they will really love you.