Thursday, April 8, 2010

Viva Italia

On April 1, 2010 a web site in Italy published an article about I Love 2 Cook Naked. Since then numerous Italian sites have written articles, posted pictures, videos and links. The response have been tremendous; in the past week over 30,000 visitors have come from over 600 Italian cities.

In Toronto there is a very large Italian population; more than enough to provide Italian-speaking actresses and crew for the next version of I Love 2 Cook Naked. Yes, we can produce this show in more than one language, and it will be much more fun to recreate in Italian than it would be to overdub the original videos.

So what we need next is connection to a company that syndicates Italian-language television programs to help us sell this show. We can easily produce a half-hour cooking show in Italian, and of course the women will be naked. Somewhere out there is a company that can help us sell this show; markets include Italy, Canada (Toronto & Montreal), United States (New York City) and Sao Paolo, Brazil (where there are more Italians than in Rome). We can make the show; we require help distributing to various markets.

So if you belong to a syndication company that sells Italian-language programming (or know someone who can help), please contact us. The venture could be profitable and there are thousands (perhaps millions) who would love to see I Love 2 Cook Naked produced in Italian.