Monday, June 15, 2009


Today in London, Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono teamed up to announce ‘Meat-free Monday’. The campaign is intended to point out how humanity could reduce our global impact simply by eating meat one day less each week. If we are to create a harmonious balance with our planet, we must reduce our meat intake.

In addition to ecological benefits, reducing your meat intake can have great healthy benefits as well. By changing what you consume you can positively influence your digestive process, your energy level and your overall health. Choosing to survive one day without meat is an important first step in altering your physical being. From there you may choose to go many days without consuming animal flesh.

On a raw food diet, I continued to eat sashimi which is raw fish. My body requires meat protein of some type; eating raw beef, chicken or pork sounds pretty disgusting. It was during my raw food cleansing that my digestive process became easy; I realized how much work my body had to do to digest meat. Once in a while is okay and manageable; continuous meat eating puts strain on the digestive system.

As I applied the concepts of eating raw food my learning curve expanded dramatically. There is vast information about healthy food and healthy eating; we simply have to apply the concepts to ourselves and share these values with our friends and family.

Can you survive one day on only food that is grown from the earth?
I certainly hope so.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cooking Naked

When people first hear about what I do, they often ask ‘What is the connection between healthy eating and naked women?’ My immediate response is ‘We are!’ At we deliver daily video lessons about healthy food and healthy eating taught by healthy naked female instructors.

Of course, there is more to it than that. There is vast information on the internet about healthy eating and weight loss. There are also millions of pictures and videos with naked women. Though there are ‘teasers’ such as ‘The Naked Chef’ (who is a man and not really naked) and ‘The Naked Wine Show’ (where the camera never strays below the cleavage of the hostess), NO-ONE else has had the courage to actually combine the two concepts.

Being able to cook naked requires confidence in body image. If you are uncomfortable with your body because you are overweight, the thought of cooking naked can be scary. In fact, some people never walk around naked even in the privacy of their own home. If you learn to eat healthy and gain some confidence with your body, it becomes much easier to cook naked even if you are not alone!

Everything on our site is focused on healthy eating. There are no sauces on our asparagus. Learning how to love the taste of fresh natural food is the first step in switching to healthy eating; the next step is learning how to make simple delicious recipes combining healthy foods. also focuses on healthy weight loss. In a world of overweight people it is necessary to switch our diet from processed and manufactured foods to something that can be grown. When we get comments about the dangers of splattering bacon, our response is ‘If you can’t cook it naked, you probably shouldn’t eat it.’

We employ naked women to attract the audience that can benefit most. Thousands of men are overweight because they don’t eat properly and don’t know what to do about it. In addition, the food industry spends billions of dollars convincing us to eat fast foods full of salt, sugar and fat. We don’t have billions of dollars to fight back; instead we have asked beautiful healthy women to cook naked. At we teach you something that is good for you, but first we get your attention!