Monday, June 15, 2009


Today in London, Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono teamed up to announce ‘Meat-free Monday’. The campaign is intended to point out how humanity could reduce our global impact simply by eating meat one day less each week. If we are to create a harmonious balance with our planet, we must reduce our meat intake.

In addition to ecological benefits, reducing your meat intake can have great healthy benefits as well. By changing what you consume you can positively influence your digestive process, your energy level and your overall health. Choosing to survive one day without meat is an important first step in altering your physical being. From there you may choose to go many days without consuming animal flesh.

On a raw food diet, I continued to eat sashimi which is raw fish. My body requires meat protein of some type; eating raw beef, chicken or pork sounds pretty disgusting. It was during my raw food cleansing that my digestive process became easy; I realized how much work my body had to do to digest meat. Once in a while is okay and manageable; continuous meat eating puts strain on the digestive system.

As I applied the concepts of eating raw food my learning curve expanded dramatically. There is vast information about healthy food and healthy eating; we simply have to apply the concepts to ourselves and share these values with our friends and family.

Can you survive one day on only food that is grown from the earth?
I certainly hope so.

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