Monday, May 25, 2009

Eating Expectations

Your life is greatly influenced by everything that you swallow. There are many aspects in our life and environment that influence choices; each can be identified and analyzed. Eating habits exist based on a lifetime of experience and preferences; changing your habits requires deeper understanding of self.

How many times do you eat because you are expected to eat? Whenever someone prepares food for a group, there is anticipation that it will be eaten. If you refuse to eat what is offered you might hear about it. Most of us remember times when our mother made us eat something we didn’t want. Usually we were told it was good for us. There was usually more going on; when a gift is given there is often expectation of gratitude. Sometimes we eat simply because it is easier than not eating.

Once you decide to change your eating habits, it takes determination to explain to others about your choices. Rather than asking for something different, just choose to eat or not eat whatever is offered. The power of healthy eating habits is strengthened by learning how to not eat.

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