Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eating Raw

Last year I went to a presentation by Jenna Norwood, creator of the movie ‘Supercharge Me’. Satirizing the movie ‘Supersize Me’ where a man ate McDonalds for a month to test the physical impact, Jenna decided to follow a raw food diet for thirty days. The movie documents her discoveries and experiences.

After meeting Jenna and being impressed by the raw food movement, I decided to try it myself. There was quite a learning curve involved; most of the food that I usually ate was processed and/or cooked. Suddenly walking around the grocery store was an adventure; what foods could I eat? I discovered many foods in the produce section that were unfamiliar to me. What do you do with Swiss Chard or Eggplant or Radicchio?

My newfound interest in food compelled me to do research. I found an abundance of information on the Internet and began to look at food differently. By mixing and matching various basic ingredients, salads became delicious, snacks became healthy and meals became a feast. I enjoyed the simple pleasures of eating, learning new tastes and creating new desires.

Over the thirty day period I cheated a couple of times, however I ate primarily raw food every day. By the end of the month I had lost twenty pounds, my digestion process was much easier, my skin tone was more vibrant and my energy levels had risen. Since then I have reintroduced cooked food and some meats, however I still consume at least 50% raw food.

In retrospect, this extreme change was easy and very very good for me. Try it yourself; by changing what you eat you can easily lose weight, relearn your eating habits and have a very positive influence on your health.

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  1. You have inspired me! I will need to visit my fruit and vegetable market this week. Cross your fingers for me - and I'll report back on my progress!